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A Word from Our President


        Commonwealth Plywood has manufactured quality wood products under the Husky brand name for over sixty years. Our reputation for quality, service and responsible resource management has been well earned and is reflected in everything we do.


Even though we have grown to over 2500 associates, we still maintain the high quality standards that have been the hallmark of our company. As a result, we are a leader in both manufacturing and distribution whether the product is rotary veneer, white pine or hardwood lumber, hardwood plywood, flooring or other industrial panel products.


        Our competitive advantage is threefold. We are vertically integrated from the forest to the end user. We are well positioned to be your supplier of choice for decorative wood products today and in the future as we manage over 25,000 square KM of prime hardwood forest in Quebec, Canada.


Commonwealth is committed to continuing to invest millions of dollars each year in our manufacturing divisions to maintain our leadership position in the production of quality products.We are committed to being the premier quality producer of decorative wood products and strive to earn and continue earning your business. 




W.T. Caine


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