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Serving our clients since 1940!

Commonwealth Plywood is a fully integrated forest products company engaged in the management and harvesting of prime forest reserves covering an area of more than 25,000 square kilometers.

Commonwealth Plywood is committed to the sustainability of our forests. We emphasize and implement sustained yield forestry management.

Commonwealth Plywood owns and operates 5 rotary veneer mills, 8 bandsaw mills, 3 plywood operations, 2 specialized veneer splicing mills, a portable chipping plant, 3 dry kiln operations, 1 flooring plant and 21 distribution warehouses in Eastern Canada and the U.S.A., employing over 1000 people.

Commonwealth Plywood is growing continuously to provide products of superior quality marketed worldwide. Our veneer mills manufacture birch, red oak, maple & basswood veneer. Our saw mills produce birch, maple, red oak, red pine and white pine lumber among others. In addition, our plywood plant offers a great variety of species and grades to meet our customers’ specifications. Annual sales currently exceed $300 million.

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